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Understanding required……….

A few things have come up over the past week or so that I need to verbalize. Someone that doesn't even know me questioned my self esteem. Anyone that does know me can tell you I have never had a self esteem problem. Not that I mean for one minute that I am better than… Continue reading Understanding required……….


Broken Hearted

Yesterday I did one of those silly quizzes on Facebook......How many hearts have you broken? Mmmm, it said 121. Now I know I've been around for a while but I can't possibly imagine that I have had 121 men in my life that were ever interested enough for me to break their hearts. If that's… Continue reading Broken Hearted

depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS, Life

Sink or Swim ???

Hi dreamers, As you know the 'thing' has been affecting everything I do since the beginning of November again. The first time round in 13/14 I had absolutely no idea what had happened to me. I was knocked off my feet without any idea. It took months before any answers came my way and I… Continue reading Sink or Swim ???



Let me start by saying this is just an observation piece, I am neither a Trumper or NO Trumper, I am just an a Aussie girl watching from afar. I have however been following the American Presidential Race and ultimate outcome very closely. It was also once  what happened on the opposite side of the world… Continue reading Trumped…….


Carry on…….

Yesterday I was mentioning to an acquaintance how I wish to reach out and simply help people who have depression, anxiety, chronic illness or even simple low self esteem. Her response was simple.....' how can you expect to help other people when you still have bad days and suffer depression '? Simple, inside knowledge! And… Continue reading Carry on…….

depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS

F*^% this!!!!!!

I'm not high maintenance......but damn I'm hard work!!!!! Thank goodness I have a lot of supportive people around me. It seems like they've been having to hold me up for so long.....their collective strength is a lifeline. Anyone that has read my blog before knows that I put as positive a slant on things that… Continue reading F*^% this!!!!!!



Life is a mystery...... I know that's a Madonna lyric, but it's so very true. What do you do when the strongest person you know becomes the weakest? When no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to make a difference. You stop, rest, breathe and lean a little on those who love you unconditionally.… Continue reading Leaning…..


New Journey

Well it's been a while...... Hi, how is everyone? Sorry I've been so absent. Lots happening. Change of job title. After 11.5 years on the shop floor I have relocated to head office in a Customer Care role, both internal and external. I'm as happy as a clam. Never thought of myself as an office… Continue reading New Journey

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Bricks & Mortar

Everything crumbles Dirt Sand Bricks Mortar People Life......... Gather the crumbs Carefully Slowly Piece By Piece Crumb By Crumb Mix with Care Trust Wish Need Love Connect Engage Create Emerge Empower Breathe Feel Want Hope Smile Begin........ Again 🌙⭐️💕  



I have always had this need to help others. My main aim when I decided to share was that if I could help or inspire just one person then it was worth it. WOW, how naive I was. Over the past month and through very different platforms, I have had people tell me that I… Continue reading Needed………