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Understanding required……….

A few things have come up over the past week or so that I need to verbalize. Someone that doesn't even know me questioned my self esteem. Anyone that does know me can tell you I have never had a self esteem problem. Not that I mean for one minute that I am better than… Continue reading Understanding required……….


Broken Hearted

Yesterday I did one of those silly quizzes on Facebook......How many hearts have you broken? Mmmm, it said 121. Now I know I've been around for a while but I can't possibly imagine that I have had 121 men in my life that were ever interested enough for me to break their hearts. If that's… Continue reading Broken Hearted



I've told you I'm nearly 50 and that I had my last son at 42, that makes him 8 at Christmas. Make no doubt, he is the biggest casualty in my slow demise. When I 'asked' his father to move out I knew what was coming. He made it very clear that he wouldn't leave… Continue reading Changes

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Self inflicted demise

As mentioned in my last posts, when it came to men.......DDB (deaf, dumb and blind). More like dumb and dumber at times. I am a giver, a pleaser....what ever you want to call it. I also wanted to feel safe, cared for, wanted, desirable, needed and loved. Wait, isn't that what we all want? Yes… Continue reading Self inflicted demise



Yesterday I reconnected with an old friend, we haven't seen each other for 25 years. Life has certainly thrown some curve balls his way. But he is fighting his demons head on. We all have a demon or 10 in us. A lot of us don't even realise that they have them. There's addictions......and not… Continue reading Reconnect……

The Beginning

This isn’t about sympathy !

Justa little break in the tale to let you know that this is in no way a bid for sympathy. I need to go back before you can understand where I am now. Trust when I say, I'm in a good place now and it's all because of my past. 🌙⭐️💛