depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS, Life

Understanding required……….

A few things have come up over the past week or so that I need to verbalize. Someone that doesn't even know me questioned my self esteem. Anyone that does know me can tell you I have never had a self esteem problem. Not that I mean for one minute that I am better than… Continue reading Understanding required……….


Broken Hearted

Yesterday I did one of those silly quizzes on Facebook......How many hearts have you broken? Mmmm, it said 121. Now I know I've been around for a while but I can't possibly imagine that I have had 121 men in my life that were ever interested enough for me to break their hearts. If that's… Continue reading Broken Hearted



Hi fellow dreamers! While I was enduring my 36 hours of hell I was doing whatever I could to distract myself from what was happening. One of those things was thinking about this blog. New thoughts, new blog ideas......unfortunately I have forgotten most of them as I was incapable of writing them down, but I… Continue reading Drifted…..

depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS, Life

Sink or Swim ???

Hi dreamers, As you know the 'thing' has been affecting everything I do since the beginning of November again. The first time round in 13/14 I had absolutely no idea what had happened to me. I was knocked off my feet without any idea. It took months before any answers came my way and I… Continue reading Sink or Swim ???


Dream on Sugarloaf Dreamers anything is possible!


Christmas is…….

With bright eyes and excitement, they gaze upon the tree A visit to see Santa, and climb onto his knee Please Santa can you give me that doll, that book, a toy The wonder that is Christmas for every girl and boy. 🌙⭐🎄


You never know….

I thought I was on the road of peace, happiness and wellness. I've been pain free, fatigue free and loving my life for the past 10 months. So excited to have been given the opportunity to take on a new career within the company, one that means so much to me. I've been able to… Continue reading You never know….



The past few months have seen an amazing turn in my life. I've been given the opportunity to learn new skills, travel, train and mentor. I'm feeling the renewed interest and energy this has brought. I've got wonderful memories of my trip away with mum, ones that will be with me for ever. Fantastic  people,… Continue reading Fate.


Seasonal changes ……

I am who I am. I make absolutely no apologies for being me. I'm a dreamer, a romantic and a strong believer in fairytales coming true. Deep down, whether we admit it to ourselves or not......most of us believe the same. We all want that person to love and to be loved in return. No… Continue reading Seasonal changes ……



I like...... The smell of rain and sunrises Coffee and champagne Family Babies and children's laughter Chocolate and cheese Monkeys and cows Fur kids Tulips and tulips Honesty and vulnerability Rainbows and sun showers Country drives and surprising destinations Friends Singing loudly and getting lost Slow kisses and long hugs Late night chats and morning… Continue reading Me…….