Maybe I’m special…….

Maybe I am, I'm not really sure, maybe I'm just different, unique......yep and special in a very special kinda way. Well we all are aren't we? Anyway as you have possibly noticed Sugarloaf Dreams has had a little face lift.......a new colour scheme, a touch of new branding and YES a brand new attitude!!!! As… Continue reading Maybe I’m special…….



Hi fellow dreamers! While I was enduring my 36 hours of hell I was doing whatever I could to distract myself from what was happening. One of those things was thinking about this blog. New thoughts, new blog ideas......unfortunately I have forgotten most of them as I was incapable of writing them down, but I… Continue reading Drifted…..


We all have one.

broken battered bruised ripped out stomped on torn apart shattered rearranged delicately held together and yet they still beat ❤️ 🌙⭐️💛    


Love Day ❤️

I joke about being alone on Valentines Day, which in case you need reminding is this Sunday. However I am just joking. Valentines wasn't a big date on my calendar when I wasn't single, so why would it be more important now? It's just another day. Like most significant days it has become totally commercial… Continue reading Love Day ❤️


Time Flies.

WOW, where did January go? It's hard to believe we are one month in already......seems like yesterday I was trimming a tree and wrapping presents. So much happens when we're not watching. For all those with New Years resolutions, what changes have you made? Have you given up already? I sincerely hope not. Stick to… Continue reading Time Flies.



LOST........... I know I have been rather absent of late. My body has let me down and as tends to happen, my mind has followed. No I am not wallowing in self pity, but it gets you down being in pain 24/7, getting no relief with no end in sight. That being said I am… Continue reading LOST and FOUND



Open your eyes....opportunities are everywhere when you're ready to accept them. 🌙⭐️💛


It’s not just sex you know……..

So many people think of sex when they think of intimacy, yes it is a form of physical intimacy but it is generally a by product of many other things. Love, happiness, sadness, loneliness, a feeling of belonging, a feeling of comfort and being loved. Being loved? Anyone that bases their love wholly and solely… Continue reading It’s not just sex you know……..


What is it?

Happiness.......what is it to you? Its more than just putting a smile on your face. Yes it's a thought, a feeling, an emotion, but it is so much more. To be truly happy, the planets need to align so to speak. Happiness begins with you and your thought process. You. Not your partner, your children,… Continue reading What is it?



A friend of mine takes a step in a new direction today. It has been a much needed and anticipated change. It also reminded me of how inevitable change is in our lives. So many of us are frightened by change, but without it there is no growth. Sometimes it is taken out of our… Continue reading Change