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love and money…..

Two things that we all wish for, work for and as humans,  we need to survive.  Love and money however, do not always go hand in hand. If anything they can be poles apart when you are talking about relationships. As we grow we all have our own unique opinions on love and what we… Continue reading love and money…..

depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS, Life

36 Hours of Hell

I have spent the past 36 hours in migraine hell......yep, all those migraine symptoms were mine to have and to hold, although not necessarily to hold down! It's been a while since I've experienced one so severe, for that I'm extremely thankful, let's face it, I've had plenty of other %#^* to deal with. So… Continue reading 36 Hours of Hell


It’s OK……

There are so many people drowning out there, some know it and take steps to improve their situation. Others know it but convince themselves they are ok and don't need help. Then there are those that have  no idea they are even in the water. These are the ones that need a life raft the… Continue reading It’s OK……

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But you look good !!!!!!! if I hear that again I may just choke someone! On the positive side it's good to know I haven't lost my skill of applying make up 😳 If only people could see me from the inside, they would have some understanding. I have been absent for a few days… Continue reading 😗😗😗😗

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This is for the people that have never had one. What it doesn't tell you is it can happen at anytime, any day, even multiple times a day. It also doesn't mention how long they can last eternity. 🌙⭐️💛

depression, Fibromyalgia/CFS, Life


My week with my son has come to an end. I waved him off on the plane this morning. He was excited about this flying alone business again, thankfully. He was also looking forward to seeing his dog 😊 Just your typical 7 year old boy. He thanked me many times for his week.......sweet, but… Continue reading Empty…..