Maybe I’m special…….

Maybe I am, I'm not really sure, maybe I'm just different, unique......yep and special in a very special kinda way. Well we all are aren't we? Anyway as you have possibly noticed Sugarloaf Dreams has had a little face lift.......a new colour scheme, a touch of new branding and YES a brand new attitude!!!! As… Continue reading Maybe I’m special…….


The business of the free world.

As I wake up here in Australia this morning I was amazed that everything was the same!!!!! Of course I say this in jest, but with the inauguration of the 45th President, the new leader of the free world anything was possible. What amazes me is that official handing over of the reigns takes so… Continue reading The business of the free world.


Dream on Sugarloaf Dreamers anything is possible!

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I just turned on CNN as I do late at night to see yet another policeman has been killed in America. It is out of control. We here in Australia are lucky, it's not happening here, but there's always that risk every time an officer starts their shift. It got me thinking about the way… Continue reading WHAT MATTERS????


New Journey

Well it's been a while...... Hi, how is everyone? Sorry I've been so absent. Lots happening. Change of job title. After 11.5 years on the shop floor I have relocated to head office in a Customer Care role, both internal and external. I'm as happy as a clam. Never thought of myself as an office… Continue reading New Journey

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Stumble but don’t fall….

And this my Sugarloaf dreamers is why it's OK to admit you're not OK. 🌙⭐️💛


Time Flies.

WOW, where did January go? It's hard to believe we are one month in already......seems like yesterday I was trimming a tree and wrapping presents. So much happens when we're not watching. For all those with New Years resolutions, what changes have you made? Have you given up already? I sincerely hope not. Stick to… Continue reading Time Flies.



Open your eyes....opportunities are everywhere when you're ready to accept them. 🌙⭐️💛


Shiny New Things

Today I succumbed to the inevitable. I was very honest with myself. I said ' self, you're screwed' !!!!! Yep, temporarily I'm sure, but screwed nonetheless. As I have shuffled and stumbled my way through the past few days, I realised what a danger to myself I had become. I was heading for a fall.… Continue reading Shiny New Things